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Company History

Sun Pacific® began in 1969 with the purchase of 72 acres of oranges in Exeter, California. Today we move over 35 million boxes of fresh fruit from our farm land in the San Joaquin Valley.


Simply growing…..our CROPS

Since our beginning we have not only grown our acreage but also our product line. Here is a look back from where we began to where we are now...


Simply growing…..our ACREAGE

acreageWe own our land, we control it, we farm it. As the acreage has grown, so has our expertise and attention to detail in farming and packing the finest quality produce coming off that land. Today, Sun Pacific is the largest Kiwi grower in North America, the largest grower/shipper of Navels in the U.S., the largest grower/shipper of Clementines in the U.S., the 2nd largest Tomato grower in California and world renowned for the highest quality Table Grapes in the Western Hemisphere. We have grown from our initial 72 acres to a total of well over 20,000 acres today.

What does our future hold? We can’t predict it but we do know that it will be a very bright future of farming with fertile land to farm, using the right tools and investing in our people to grow the best quality produce.

Simply growing…..our OPERATION

Our operation started with our first Citrus plant in Exeter, California.  Today we have packinghouses and orchards all over the San Joaquin Valley. Our operations, although extensive, contain some of the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment to assure the best quality and most efficient handling of our fruit.

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