Simply Growing. That’s who we are and what we do…best. We at Sun Pacific® have been farming the bountiful California land since 1969. Keeping our customers satisfied and providing high quality produce fresh from our fields everyday. From Oranges to Table Grapes, Tomatoes and Kiwi to Cuties® CA Clementines, we take pride in our farming expertise and operational excellence. We hope you enjoy learning more about our people , our heritage and our products.








From citrus to Table Grapes, Tomatoes and Kiwi to Clementines, our premium produce comes off our own California land fresh everyday. We take pride in our extensive operations and our ability to grow, pack and market the finest produce in the world. Here are some of the items in season and at their best.



Cuties CA Clementines®: Easy to peel, seedless, sweet and juicy, and the ideal snack. Kids love them! Do you know what it takes to become a Cutie®?? More

10kg Apples

Citrus: Millions of cartons grown, packed and marketed. We harvest daily by size and sweetness for the best quality Navels, Valencias and Minneolas  available. More

10kg Apples

Table Grapes: Premium quality grapes grown on our own vineyards, under strict supervision. Complete control from pruning to packing. More

10kg Apples

Kiwi: Being the largest shipper of kiwis in the United States, our farms are expertly farmed to provide a premium quality product. More

10kg Apples

Tomatoes: From mature green to vine ripe, our extensive program offers the finest quality Tomatoes to meet your needs. More